The NEW Manufacturing Alliance is a group of manufacturers, working with educational institutions, workforce development boards, chambers of commerce and state organizations to promote manufacturing in our region.

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 Our Four Objectives:
 1. Create a positive view of manufacturing careers in our area.
 2. Position New North as a manufacturing hub.
 3. Grow partnerships with media, K-16, and other manufacturers.
 4. Workforce Development.
 Did You Know:
 - In the eighteen county region there are over 2,000 manufacturers, employing over 144,000 people in 2007.
 - 24 percent of employment in our region is in manufacturing, the state average is 18 percent.
 - Annual payroll within the manufacturing sector is greater than that of any other industry sector in most of the counties in our area.
 Source: Office of Economic Advisors, WI Department of Workforce Development.