In order to make your job search easier, the NEW Manufacturing Alliance has developed a networking profile tool for you to use. Here are some tips on using the form:
 For those job seekers living outside our area who are interested in relocating to northeast Wisconsin, you are encouraged to fill out the profile form as well.
 We must have a contact number to reach you, either by telephone and/or email.
 Personal id is needed for you to access your profile after you submit it. The id needs to be at least six characters in length with one upper case character and one numeric character.
 Examples to use in the Skills section are: computer skills, software programs, A.W.S. certification, mig, tig, OSHA certified, team player, HSED, rewinder, forklift certificate, read blueprints, keyboarding, HSD, pipefitter, job titles and other job duties.
 After you submit the form, your profile will be viewed by alliance members. Companies will then contact you about available positions.
 Your posting will be listed for 30 days. You will receive an email a few days prior to being removed from the website, inquiring if you want to continue your posting for another 30 more days. If you would like to continue being listed, there will be an area on the email that you can forward. Your posting will remain on the website as long as you continue to inform us of your interest each month. If you do not respond, your posting will be removed.
 You can change your posting after you submit it by going to the change network profile in the job seeker section of the website.
 After you submit your profile, be sure to visit the JobNet website and our alliance members’ human resources web page. You can link to these websites by going to the job seekers tab on our website.
 Please note that completing this form does not guarantee you employment. It does provide you a tool to market your skills to employers throughout the region.
 Click Here to Create a Network Profile